Charismon® is our product

This product is unique and first time available on the world-market. Thus cannot be compared with any other substance. The effects are manifold so that Charismon® is applicable for a wide range of maladies.

Meanwhile a big number of scientific studies and researches have been made. Most of all, however, the sales of cosmetics and personal care products with Charismon® by many thousand users proved the unique effects again and again.

This prdouct is very unusual and the practical application proves the unique effect on a variety of applications. Charismon® could become an important mile-stone in the history of mankind.

It can be applied for example as:

- Cosmetics and personal care product
- Tooth care
- Hair care and growth of hair
- Food and food supplement
- Drinks
- Skin pproblems of all kinds                                                                      Experience reports >>

When taking orally in Drinks, cereal bars, sweets, chocolate or capsules it can be really helpful to improve:

- Memory
- Responsiveness
- Intelligence
- general regeneration and
- general potency, i. e. energy and strength

Charismon® - the new effective substance from the 21.century? (A German TV-Journalist asked this question)


(German) Video
about the development
of the oil of egg

with examples

The process for the
production of the
oil of egg is patented
in 37 countries