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This natural cosmetic is based on the highly purified oil of egg. The results achieved surprise the experts, make life a bit more worth living and show fantastic cosmetic and healing effects. 

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La Crème du Ciel - with Charismon®

My name is Evelyn Prüfer and I would like to inform you about my experiences with these extraordinary cosmetic products.v&m 352-kl.jpg

For more than 20 years I had exceptional problems with my facial care because I had a skin irritation towards all facial products used so far. 

My skin reacted with swellings, skin inflammations, red wound spots and one can easily imagine how the skin of a woman / man looks like when getting older and not having the possibility for regeneration and care.

Reading a book regarding natural cosmetics I came across the


I applied the 'CRÈME DU CIEL' without big expectations - after having used before about 50 different products without success. You certainly can imagine my tremendous amazement and joy when realizing that my skin accepted this wonderful cream without any irritations. 

For 10 years now (2010) I apply exclusively 'Crème du CIEL'. My skin is fresh and tight and I experienced its healing power until now also with burns, cuts, pain at the Achilles tendon and even with back pain. (Please see also my specific experience with the different pro- dcuts on the respective product pages as well as additional experience reports)


Skin rejuvenation, Skin blood circulation, Relaxation of the skin,  strengthening body resistance, cuts, sunburn, regeneration of cells



(German) Video
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The process for the
production of the
oil of egg is patented
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