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... and the Charismon®-Products

Dr. Werner C. Nawrocki

The developer of the oil of egg - Charismon®
- Studies of medicine, psychology and philosophy
- Private practice for naturopathy and homeopathy
- Consciousness-mental training, since 1974 in Frankfort/Main

10 years of medical teaching - general medicine - at the university of Frankfort/Main

Dr. W. Ch. Nawrocki had a teacher in Salt Lake City, Frater Albertus, one of the last well-known alchimists, who was later awarded the title of a professor in Great Britain. Frater Albertus commanded Dr. W. Ch. Nawrocki not only the task to go on holding the seminars along his path, but in addition he gave him some other assignments.

The first assignment was to introduce a medicine on the world market which helped for arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) without having side effects.

After many years of research Dr. W. Ch. Nawrocki found a way to produce the corresponding substance on an industrial way.

Many scientific evaluations researched this substance and it was proven that it has a helpful impact on nearly all skin problems. Thus many thousand people experienced and described the positive effects - for more than 10 years now (2010)..

This substance Charismon® today is internationally patented in 37 countries, others to follow.

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Evelyn Prüfer

Following her training in finances and years working for the fiscal services she founded 1989 a company within the services sector. Within a short period of time she had a good economical success and a small group of companies was the result which had about 280 employees.

Two exclusive restaurants were added to the company portfolio and rounded up the material success story (>>

During the 90's of the last century she realized that financial success does not result in lasting happiness and when some clinical pictures showed up a consciousness-change took place - from material thinking to inner values.

After some intense discussions with Dr. Nawrocki and knowing about his long-lasting endeavors to make his development known  she decided to support his targets.

As she knew from her own experience how infinitely burdensome it could be not to be in a position to tolerate a facial cream she decided to make the Charismon®-products known to a broad public.

Due to her multiple business activities she is in the situation not to have only the sales aspects in her foreground but to inform her (past) fellow sufferers about the multitude of fields in which these products show very good healing effects.


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The process for the
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oil of egg is patented
in 37 countries